I’m a Graduate Student! And I Can’t Believe It!

Posted By: NatalyaLee
Posted On: September 22nd, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

I did it!

I made it through my first week of Graduate School. I still ask myself why did I do this to myself because I have always had a love hate relationship with school. There was never an ounce of joy that ran through my body when I was woken up by alarm clock everyday to get ready to go to school. If I ever had excitement in me, it specifically was because it was game day. I still had to get through the school day but at least I knew I was getting rewarded with a game that day.

So now you may ask, well why did I pursue this opportunity?

Well as much as I have always DESPISED school I still understood the importance of an education. Ironically, I would get so upset with myself when I didn’t receive the grades I set out to achieve. It would be a bitter pill to swallow that I would find myself studying a little longer or reaching out for help from tutors and teachers. Which is what brought me to Ulster University of Jordanstown, to accomplish my Master’s degree in Sports Coaching. I understand the value of having an education, and if you have or are given the opportunity to further that education there’s no reason to give it up. I was just a lucky one that I could continue to play the sport I love and give back to the community all in a different country while gaining that education.

I have a few barriers to get through while obtaining my Master’s such as being out of school a little over a year so I have to get back into the swing of things. A different education system, I am in a new country so of course they do things a little different. One of those differences is only having class twice a month which y’all probably think I would love that part (which I do a little shhhh…), but this requires me to stay extremely focus. I can’t allow myself to get side tracked with the fact that I am in a different country and there is a lot of different things to do.

However, it’s a new challenge for me that I am excited to be taking on, it can only help me grow as person and better prepare me for the work force! Anyways, stay tuned to hear more about what I’m doing over here in Northern Ireland in my next blog.

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