So let the journey begin!

Posted By: MaevePapahus
Posted On: September 3rd, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

My grandma and grandpa would tell me since I was a little girl stories of their experiences growing up and livingin Ireland. Now I see what my grandma was saying when she told me “it’s the most beautiful place in the world”. Even though I’m miles away from home this already feel like my new home in just a matter of two weeks. In just that short amount of time I got to travel through Belfast, Dublin, and Carlow. From hiking Cavehill in Belfast, to seeing all the cows and sheeps driving through Dublin, finally relaxing and looking at the incredible views at the Carlow Castle. Cojack couldn’t stop laughing because I thought seeing cows and sheep everywhere we drove was the coolest thing ever! Coming from New York its not everyday you get to see a cow cross the street. Not only did I get to travel to these amazingly beautiful places, (Carlow being my favorite so far of course!) but I got to meet some of the greatest people along the way. Not going to lie,I might have cried a little bit when all the Victory Scholar departed all throughout Ireland. Although I wish I could take them all to Carlow with me I’m so excited to hear about everyone’s personal experiences.

I really am so grateful to be a victory scholar. I can’t wait to start working with the kids and hoping I can be the positive role model that I had in my life growing up. I truly believe sport changes life (it sure changed mine back in America) and I’m ready to give back everything this game has given me!

I am so ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. Keep checking out my blogs to follow my journey these next 9 months!

Carlow here I come!!!

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