The Emerald Isle

Posted By: JamesGordon
Posted On: September 4th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

The long awaited journey has begun and if I was excited during the summer, I don’t know what to describe the feelings I have now.  It was grand to meet all my fellow Scholars and the wonderful people who selected me to represent Sport Changes Life. After a week of training and leisure I can say I am surrounded by a great bunch and I now feel like I have close company in this beautiful island.  Just a few short days ago I finally moved in to Carlow.  I spent the first few days getting the lay of the land and walking throughout, the beauty of it all is that it is a very lively town, with everything being in walking distance. I was given the keys to my new apartment and from then on everything has gone smoothly.

Over the weekend I had my first basketball scrimmage.  My new coach, Kojak, nicknamed after the famous (and very bald) T.V. detective, has been so resourceful to see our move in and transition goes without a hitch.  My teammates are a very welcoming and fun group, making me extremely enthusiastic for the season ahead. Our first scrimmage was on Friday and it was conveniently located in Dublin.  It has been over a year since I had been in Dublin and man that city is buzzing! On Sunday, the national Hurling final was played in Dublin at the famous Croke Park, the third largest stadium in Europe, between Waterford and Galway.  I went to the stadium solo and was in awe of the atmosphere. Fans in blue and maroon lined the streets and pubs, chanting their respective songs but showing tremendous sportsmanship and class throughout the day.  Now I have never seen a hurling game a day in my life, but I can see why it is dubbed as “the fastest game on grass.”  With the help of some friendly fans, they taught me the rules and by halftime I was cheering like I was a life long fan.

I am settled in now here in Carlow and extremely eager to start this week.  I was given a tour of I.T Carlow and it certainly did not disappoint. From the brand new sports center to the impressive school buildings, I can’t wait to begin my Master’s course in International Business. Orientation for International students begins tomorrow so I am thrilled to meet some fellow students and hopefully make some new friends. Grateful to call this place home and begin my journey, Sláinte!


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