A Month Already!

Posted By: JasmineWalker
Posted On: October 1st, 2017
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

So its already been a month that I’ve been in Ireland and I’m actually not homesick lol. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family and friends, especially my sister and parents. I spent four years at a college 50 mins from my house and where I was able to go home whenever I just wanted to bother my parents and sister, to get that home-cooked meal😍, and to see my friends. I was so spoiled for 4 years and even being less than an hour away, I just always felt the urge to go home. But now I’m 3000 miles away from home and surprisingly i’m chillin 😎! I’m enjoying every minute here in Ireland! I’ve been meeting new people, trying out different foods, having fun coaching and playing ball, and walking A LOT (well only when we dont ask for lifts (rides) lol).

Side note: Thank you to everyone from the wildcats who has given us a lift, we appreciate you guys!!

I’ve also been getting used to this sideways rain down here in Waterford. Meg and I have been having fun going into the city centre, mainly to eat donuts (dinky donuts are life😍) or to try out a new restaurant/cafe that had caught our eyes. My teammates are great, super chilled and I’m looking forward to this season with them! We had a preseason tournament this past weekend, which was a great learning experience for us and a great opportunity to get to know the wildcats team even more!

Also, in this first month I got to go into the Guillamene (check out my video on Facebook lol) which was freezing, but a fun time. I promise next time I will jump 😬. Speaking of videos, this is something I have seen a big difference in myself as I think I’ve become less camera shy when it comes to me making my video blogs compared to when I first got here! It is something I am really happy with and definitely deserve a pat on the back from myself!

Thank you Sport Changes Life and the Rory Foundation for a great first month in Ireland, and many more to come!😎

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