Favorite College Memory

Posted By: StephPoland
Posted On: October 24th, 2017
Attending: Maynooth University

Playing Division I collegiate athletics had been a dream of mine since I was in 5th grade. I was fortunate enough to achieve my dream and play for Colgate University. Colgate was my ideal school because it encompassed high level basketball and provided me with a top tier education. I am forever grateful for everything that Colgate Women’s Basketball provided me. It not only brought me to some of my best friends, but it also allowed me to travel the world.

My favorite college memory was definitely when my team traveled to New Zealand to represent Colgate and allow my teammate Josie to play in front of her friends and family. My team had a rule that everyone played in their hometown so that their loved ones who could not travel all the way to Colgate, or to away games, could attend a game. My junior year I had the privilege to play at Kent State so that all of my coaches, teammates, and friends from home could see me play. My family even hosted the team the night before for a home cooked meal. I loved this rule because we got to travel the country, and even the world, to see where our teammates grew up and meet all of their loved ones. Once Josie accepted her offer to play at Colgate the team began to fundraiser so we could travel to New Zealand.

My team went to New Zealand the summer before my junior year and we played four games against different teams from New Zealand. This was a great opportunity to start our season early and it helped catapult us into success when we went undefeated during our international trip. We grew a lot as team and definitely got a lot closer by the end of the trip (it is hard not to bond after a 16 hour plane ride). This experience was so incredible because we played great basketball, made countless memories, and most importantly got to see my teammate Josie’s home. A highlight of the trip was when my teammate Tori and I bungee jumped. Although the workers may have had to push us off because we were so scared, that is a memory that I will always have and I am so happy that I got to do it in such a beautiful place. I am so grateful that Colgate provided us with the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and I will always treasure those memories.

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