Play hard, play together

Posted By: MaevePapahus
Posted On: October 6th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

“IT Carlow makes history”

This is the headline I woke up to the morning after our first game. This wasn’t just any other game to IT Carlow women’s basketball program. This game was special to us. It was IT Carlows first ever super league game for basketball. It was an honor to be apart of it and as a team we knew we wanted to make it special. We wanted so badly to be able to say we won our first super league game played on our home court.

I’ve heard before coming here that the basketball was much more physical and that statement couldn’t be anymore true! It was a battle each and every minute of that game. We had ups and downs throughout the game but I am so proud of our team and how we stuck together through all adversity. Not only one, but we lost two players due to injuries in the third quarter. Some teams would hang their head and call it quits, but not IT Carlow. We played even harder and played as a team.

Picture this. Tied game 58-60, only 6 players left on your team able to play with 12 seconds left. It’s your ball down by 2 points. Kojack drew up a play and we were able to execute it perfectly leading Aiofe to score the layup at the end of regulation. We knew it wasn’t over yet though and we had 5 minutes of over-time to keep fighting for the win. All 45 minutes we played hard and we played together which led us to our first ever super league win! It was an incredible feeling filled of such exciting emotions. I am so proud of this team for pulling out the win even though we unfortunelty lost key players during the game. This is out first step in the super-league and I can’t wait for our next game this Sunday against the Wildcats!

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