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Posted On: November 9th, 2017



In 1994, NBC introduced you to six friends living in close proximity to one another in Manhattan, NY. Each Friends character had their own unique personality that meshed well with the group. In 2017, Sport Changes Life introduces six strangers living under one roof in Jordanstown, UK. Each of us also have our own quirky attributes that help make this experience so fun and different. The six of us, also known as the Ulster University Scholars, have different stories than Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel, but still just as fun. While four basketball players and two golfers aren’t as famous or recognizable as the characters of Friends, we all have our individual personality strengths that we bring to the rest of the group. Actually, we all seem to resemble a few qualities of the characters on the show.
The Friends of Ulster University
Victory Scholar: Matt     
Friends Character: Chandler
Matt is quirky and sarcastic, just like Chandler. He loves sporting his beloved Aer Lingus hat and he always has a witty comment to back up his creative sarcasm. If he disapproves of your comeback he’ll mock you (or maybe it’s just me because my comebacks are redundant and lame). Matt constantly brings entertainment to the group, especially when he comes home with random food items he has never cooked before.
Victory Scholar: Luke
Friends Character: Joey
Much like Joey, Luke is full of boisterous energy, especially in eHOOPs where he loves getting involved and often times leads the group with his easy going, energetic personality. Luke has the same humor that Joey does, constantly cracking jokes with the rest of the friends. When Luke and Matt are together, it’s a two-man comedy show and they feed off of each other’s energy. There’s never a dull moment when those two are around, just like when Chandler and Joey are together.
Victory Scholar: Dom
Friends Character: Ross
Dom is the sensible and practical one, similar to Ross. He acts on facts and he enjoys sharing interesting bits of information with the group and in turn he’s equally interested in knowing how everyone else is doing. Dom’s sense of humor is more forward and laid back and he enjoys being present and having fun with the rest of the friends.
Victory Scholar: Nia
Friends Character: Phoebe
Nia can relate and talk to anyone about anything, it’s actually very admiring. While Nia may first come across as shy, she quickly reveals her comical and energetic self. She makes others laugh in a subtle way, similarly to Phoebe. She integrates well with the friends, but also has no problem doing her own thing. Nia’s extremely gifted in front of the camera (even though she won’t admit it) just like Phoebe is gifted with a guitar and she brings out energy in other people.
Victory Scholar: Nat
Friends Character: Monica
Nat is the mom who likes things in a particular order, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Like Monica, Nat has a liking for when things go her way and she is not afraid to kindly say if she doesn’t like an action of one of the other friends. She can be stern in a loving way and does so for the good of the group, but nonetheless, like the others, she brings her own flare.
Victory Scholar: Kristen
Friends Character: Rachel
Like Rachel, I enjoy being around the others and feed off their energy. I always want to try new adventures and want the rest of the friends to join me, and I’ve even suggested brunch once or twice, an activity Rachel is a fan of (no one seemed excited when I suggested it though). Rachel is a forgetful fanatic, as am I, and I embarrassingly already lost my room key, a stunt Rachel would pull off.
It’s safe to say that we aren’t mirror images of our identified Friends characters, rather we each have slight traits that mimic them. We are our own group of friends that come from different schools, backgrounds and we all have different perspectives. Even though we started off as strangers, we have quickly become a close knit group complementing each other. Collectively, we all find a way to collaborate both in the house and in mentoring and coaching sessions. We all bring our important and best qualities to the table and if there was a lack of presence from one of the friends, things would be vastly different. Let’s just hope that our “Friends Thanksgiving” in a few weeks doesn’t involve any turkeys on the head or any friends shoved in a box.
Cheers from the six Ulster University friends!