Much Needed Visit

Posted By: MackenzieRule
Posted On: November 27th, 2017
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

This past week is where the stress began to pile on with school projects deadlines and final exams right around the corner. Thankfully, this past week is also when my Mom came to visit. She is the one person who can keep me sane when I’m overanxious about school work.

When she arrived Saturday morning, we greeted each other with a giant hug, and I almost felt as if I was at home again. We started off the day by going to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast, and then spent the afternoon traveling to and from Limerick for my basketball game with the Meteors. I felt awful that she had to jump in a 2-3 hour car ride after a long flight from Philadelphia, but she was excited to be able to see one of my games.

On Sunday, we had the best day I’ve probably ever had in Ireland so far. My mom, Shannon, and I took a bus to the Cliffs of Moher, which is on the west coast of Ireland. I had been delaying to see them because I wanted to go with my friends and family when they came to visit me, so I was just as excited to see them as my Mom was. We took a bunch of pictures (as seen below), but the photos truly don’t even capture the beauty. It was by far the most stunning view I have ever seen, with Wicklow Mountains being a close second. I cannot wait for more people to visit, so that I have a chance to go back.

Followed by the Cliffs, we took the bus down Wild Atlantic Way, a scenic route of the ocean that went from the Cliffs to Galway City, which is where we ended our trip. Unfortunately we had limited time to spend there because we had to get back to Dublin that evening, but within the hour we spent in Galway, I fell in love with it. As much as I adore Dublin, Galway is how I portray a “true Irish” city, which looks more like a fishing village/town. I am definitely making my back there!

The rest of the week, my mom and I went to different restaurants, pubs, and attractions around Dublin. I made sure she ate the best fish and chips in town, tried the DELICIOUS Cadbury chocolate, and experienced her first Guinness. Then, to finish off the week, we headed to Belfast with almost the entire Sport Changes Life crew and Victory Scholars, where we celebrated Thanksgiving together. I have to applaud Sport Changes Life, the meal was as good as an American Thanksgiving meal!

Unfortunately, early Friday morning, my Mom’s trip came to an end. It was a much needed visit before I spend the next week in the library doing school work 24/7. The time she was here went by too fast, but we made sure to make the most of it.


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