Name is Bauer, Matthew Bauer

Posted By: MatthewBauer
Posted On: November 5th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

Through 9 eHoop sessions it is safe to say that I have a personal favorite. All of them have truly been good craic as they like to say here, however recently we all went airsofting. Pretty sure that is not a word and in the States that is not an activity, but I could not have had more fun. The best way to describe it is going paintballing but getting shot hurts a lot less. So for a large target like myself that could not be more ideal.

Honestly it was intense as the guns look real and you wear black overalls plus a mask that covers the whole body. After changing and grabbing a gun, you then go into a large stadium with many different rooms and vantage points for shooting. Two teams and multiple different games made the hour fly by and afterwards I could not be more exhausted. Overall, I wish I had a GoPro attached so you all could see my “elusiveness” out there with my somersaults and dodging capabilities, but they did not allow any camera to be brought it. In reality, I pretended I was James Bond which is where the article name comes from and unlike James Bond I got shot a lot.

After a great 9 weeks, I am blessed to be able to mentor such an awesome group. An endless amount of laughter and more importantly getting a lot of work done, in fact a couple eHoopers have recently been employed. Even though airsofting is not on the agenda for eHoops anymore, I will always be excited on Wednesdays to be with the guys from 6-8!



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