Episode 11: WITmas!

Posted By: MeghanDonoghue
Posted On: December 8th, 2017
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

Hey everyone!

As the semester comes to an end and Christmas gets closer and closer, a phrase going around WIT is “WITmas”.  I guess this is WIT’s version of Christmas.  Technically, I think its just an excuse for everyone to go out on the town during the last week of school, but I’m just going to look at it as a catchy phrase version of Christmas LOL.

These past few weeks have been CRAZY busy! I feel like I have been writing papers and giving presentations for the past 3 weeks straight!  My groups have been killing it in presentation though!  For one class we had to present our company in a Dragons Den competition (for my American friends, this is just a version of Shark Tank).  My group ended up winning $3.5M so I’d say we did okay (and no its not real money haha).  So in regards to school, I have been running around crazy trying to get everything done.  But I can write this blog with a sigh of relieve because I made all my deadlines, and now I just have to get through one final! Then I’ll be home for Christmas!!

Waterford is definitely getting into the holiday spirit as of late!  The entire city center is decorated with lights, Christmas trees, a carousel, ferris wheel, and a ton of vendors selling all kinds of holiday treats.  It’s hard not to get excited for Christmas when you walk through town!  Jas and I decided to go up in the ferris wheel (and anyone who knows me knows I’m afraid of heights so to say I was holding on for dear life is an understatement…mind you it is not a large ferris wheel, but whatever I was still shaking haha).  There is an amazing view of Waterford at the top, especially at night you can see the entire city lit up!

If anyone is near Waterford during the holiday season, I suggest you stop in and walk around the city center!!

Stay tuned for more soon!


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