History has Been Made

Posted By: NatalyaLee
Posted On: December 11th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

To be able to witness history is an awesome accomplishment but to be apart of it well that’s an even greater experience. Belfast hosted the first ever Men’s NCAA basketball tournament, the Basketball Hall of Fame Belfast Classic on the 1st and 2nd of December and I had the privilege of being apart of it. Being a Victory Scholar at Ulster University we were able to see first hand some of the things that went into putting such a huge event on. We also were able to help with some of the tasks that needed to be done in order for the event to take place. The two weeks before the event were fun but stressful time for everyone in the office. But looking back it. it was all worth it, I was able to see first hand everything come together.

As scholars we had been promoting the classic at local shopping centers, hosting camps, and doing leaflet drops. We also were going out to local primary schools to spread the word and give out tickets. Through all the promoting and tickets we were able to see all the children and families at the games which was a great feeling. It felt like what we did prior to the event really made a difference. The atmosphere of the event also was out of this world insane. Before the event there was a fan zone that was held to get the fans excited and pumped for the games and that was a success. The entertainment that was put on during the stoppage of the game was also another great part of the event. It really got the crowd involved. Finally the games them-self were amazing and the championship game you couldn’t ask for anything better. There was excitement all throughout the game with crazy shots and dunks. The game came to the last few seconds with basically a buzzer beater being the decision maker.

The night concluded with some of the scholars taking up the floor and as much as it was a struggle it was kinda monumental. It was an ending to amazing unforgettable weekend. We picked up that last piece of floor with so much enthusiasm and although we all were probably more excited to be done, I still believe we all will never forget being able to be apart of history.

Shoutout to the whole Sport Changes Life staff for putting on an incredible weekend for Belfast. You all brought something new and exciting and it beyond successful!

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