Over the Hump

Posted By: MackenzieRule
Posted On: December 11th, 2017
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

This past week was ROUGH to say the least, but I am so relieved I made it through. In three days,  I had 4 finals, so my head was in a book or a laptop studying loads of information for just about every waking moment of last week. The good news is, I think I did pretty well, and the worst is over! After my final this week, I will basically be done my first semester of classes (still have a couple group projects to finish).

I knew being placed at Trinity would be a challenging masters program. My courses are tough and require a lot of work outside the classroom, but I am learning a ton that will help me in the working world, so I am thankful for every minute of it. The good news is, I am over the hump, and now know what to expect in the second semester.

All in all, this first semester has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed school and basketball with Trinity, the kids I’ve coached have learned a ton and are having a blast, my Meteors team is in the cup semi-finals, and most importantly, the Belfast Classic was AMAZING and a total success!

I can’t wait to experience what Ireland has to offer in 2018!

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