Clean Eating

Posted By: DejaBullock
Posted On: January 22nd, 2018
Attending: NUI Galway

So since I’ve gotten to Galway I’ve been eating a cleaner, plant-based diet. I no longer eat beef. I never really ate pork. I’ve cut almost all dairy out of my diet along with a majority of processed foods( cheat day is boojums). I still eat eggs but that’s something I’m slowly trying to ween myself from. I was good for a while I went almost 2 months without them. But I’ve since relapsed.

I start my morning with a heavy breakfast. Eggs, these “American pancakes” I found at Dunnes, wheat toast, oatmeal, and a fruit smoothie. The fruit smoothie is most important because that’s when I squeeze in my 5 fruit for the day and some of my protein. Due to my class schedule, lunch is something I tend to skip. Something I’m not too happy about but it is what it is. I can’t afford to eat out everyday for lunch. And there’s no where convenient for me to store and reheat my food if I was to bring food from home. Depending on what day it is, I try to eat a heavier dinner and eat it as early as possible. Dinner is where I squeeze in my 5 vegetables for the day.

Something new I’ve recently started which I’m excited about is incorporating a mass gainers protein shake. Not only does it ensure that I’m getting my RDA for protein but it also gives me a bit of a calorie boost. What I mean by that is, in order for me to achieve the body goals I’m reaching for I need to eat at least 3000 to 3500 cal a day. And like I stated earlier, skipping lunch makes it really hard but since I’ve started incorporating this protein shake that knocks out almost 1000 cal right there. Before anyone starts throwing a fit, my workout regime compliments a 3000-3500 cal a day diet.

Ever since I’ve switched to clean eating I noticed a significant difference within myself across the board. From the way I look to the way I feel. When I start my day with a big breakfast that keeps me from snacking too hard and that keeps me awake and have energy to get through these three hour lecture’s first thing in the morning. I noticed a significant difference in my skin! I looked at a picture of myself when I first got to Ireland to a selfie I took not too long ago and my skin is definitely flourishing, same with my hair. I will note that I’ve developed A pretty nasty sweet tooth like I crave cakes, candy, and other sweet items but what helps me curve this is those “American pancakes” I eat every morning. They’re pretty sweet and they’re not too high in sugar. Before I return to the states I have some goals I’d like to achieve with my body, hair, and skin. I’ve already seen a big difference and all three of those categories and it’s only been six months. If I continue to keep up my diet and work out, and stay stress-free as possible, I know I’m going to be able to achieve them. I only have another 5 months left, I can’t wait to see what I achieve by June.

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