Europe Trip

Posted By: NatalyaLee
Posted On: January 7th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

I had the privilege of traveling to three countries with my roommate before I traveled home for the holidays and it’ll definitely be a week I will never forget. Throughout our travels my roommates and I made some great memories that I’m sure we’ll look back on and laugh.

First, we traveled to Amsterdam, which was by far my favorite city compared to the other two. I enjoyed every bit of Amsterdam from the beautiful canals to the intriguing biking that all the natives do there. I was honestly in awe when it came to their transportation because a lot of it was on bikes and it was so fascinating to me I could not get over it. They biked in the cold, the rain, all different ages biked, all hours of the day they biked, there were even bike lanes and traffic lights just for bikes. It was mesmerizing to me. The feel of Amsterdam had a sense of class and I really enjoyed it.

Our next city was Cologne, Germany and if you want to fill your belly up with some amazing food well Cologne is perfect for that desire. Cologne has the most wonderful Christmas Markets that have so many little trinkets, and amazing food. The markets were definitely my number one culprit of stealing all my money. Cologne, also had the most beautiful Cathedral that you could walk in and explore as well as climb over 500 steps to the top to lookout at the city which we did. Being able to be in Germany around the Christmas holiday to enjoy their awesome Christmas markets was a great experience and I’m glad I can say I did it.

Our last stop was Prague and boy was this city pretty. The views that each city offered us were amazing but Prague just had a little bit more. The view you got when you walked across the Charles Bridge was stunning but the best view was when we climbed the hills and steps to get to the Prague Castle because you were then able to lookout at the city and the sight was beautiful. Prague was also notorious to me for taking all my money away because they too had Christmas Markets which had great food.

Throughout our travels we definitely had some highs and lows but they all will be memories that my roommate and I will be able to cherish forever. I am extremely glad to say I was able to explore Europe for the first time and add some stamps to my Passport. I never thought I would be able to travel so early in my life and without Sport Changes Life none of these experiences would be happening and I am extremely blessed and grateful for them.

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