Holiday Season

Posted By: MatthewBauer
Posted On: January 8th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

I will always remember my first flight home from Denison my Freshman year of college. A couple days before Christmas and I had not been home since my family dropped me off at school. Pure excitement is all I can really sum it up to be as I starred out the window until I saw the Chicago skyline. The next couple years however I got used to being away from home and that flight never had quite the impact as it did that Freshman year. However, that all changed when I was heading home from Ireland for my winter break.

There is something special about Christmas in that everyone comes together. Friends come home from there temporary cities and all the family does is talk about hanging out. Besides for the cold weather that made Ireland seem like a sunny hot island, the 10 days off was perfect. In fact it was a little different this year as my family developed some new traditions. With 2 new members, it was weird at first with my brother and sister running around on Christmas Day. Typically I don’t like to leave the house and my brother and I watch movies, but unfortunately they had to please other people. So after a 33 year old tradition where my 99 year old grandparents come over for brunch, a couple of us went over to my godparents house who are by far the best people I know. No crazy stories, no drama, just being surrounded by those who you love is why Christmas is always perfect and why I was blessed to have 10 days at home with my bigger family!



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