Posted By: DominicDiaz
Posted On: January 15th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

This past weekend Kristen and I had some free time and got to visit London. We had a vague idea of what we wanted to do but no set plans and we kind of made it up as we went. This definitely didn’t stop us from making the most of our trip though. In the two days we were there we did over 55,000 steps and got very little sleep but it allowed us to see so much of the city in a short period of time.

We started out seeing the famous London Tower Bridge first, which I thought turned out to be the coolest thing we saw out of the entire trip. Next we walked a little farther into the city to the Monument, which was constructed to commemorate the Great Fire of London. It was 311 steps to the top and well worth the trip up as it gave us a great view over the city. Afterwards we ventured into the heart of London to see the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. I couldn’t believe how big the Palace of Westminster was; it seemed to go on forever. Unfortunately Big Ben is currently under construction so we didn’t really get to see much of it but we ended our day by walking over to Buckingham Palace and seeing the London Eye. It was really cool to see the famous Queen’s guard and the Victoria Memorial in front of the Palace.

The second day we got up early and ventured out to the Camden Markets, which are huge. There is a big mix of pop up shops, food stands, and different markets which go all over Camden Town. We then made the journey over to Primrose Hill, which was said to be the best view in all of London. I must say it definitely lived up to the hype and was well worth the steep walk to get to the top of hill. Afterwards we did some inadvertent exploring of the surrounding area trying to find the tube so we could begin our journey back to the airport. London was a great trip and is definitely well worth a visit, I only wish we had more time to see more of this great city.

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