New Year…Same Me?

Posted By: JamesGordon
Posted On: January 23rd, 2018
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

We are a few weeks into the New Year and it has occurred to me that I still haven’t made proper 2018 goals. With all my travels, school starting back up, and basketball in full gear I hadn’t properly reflected on this past year and what opportunities this new year has to offer. 2017 was arguably one of the greatest years of my life. From strengthening relationships to making new lifelong friends, from earning my undergraduate degree to starting my masters in Europe, from handing in my Emory jersey for an IT Carlow one and a coach’s whistle….this past year was one for the books. As 2018 commences, although it is a New Year, I cannot say I want a new me. I look to continue to build on these experiences and find new avenues to grow and prosper. So with no real rhyme or reason, I will list some of my 2018 goals. Hopefully I can come back to this blog in a years time and successfully say I have completed them…and adding many more along the way.

  1. Land a full-time job in a field I am passionate about (still struggling with the age old question…”What do you want to be when you grow up?”)
  2. Set up a 401k (Riveting stuff!!!!!)
  3. Buy a car (another millennial in a Honda Civic?!?)
  4. Visit 5 different countries
  5. Visit 5 new U.S states
  6. Go camping/hiking
  7. Earn high honors for work-placement dissertation
  8. Finish Top 4 in the National League
  9. Take ski lessons
  10. Read 25 books
  11. Get back into yoga
  12. Learn 20 new songs on the guitar
  13. Go to a Broadway show
  14. Coach my teams to more wins (having fun along the way of course!!)
  15. Take an art class
  16. Take a dance class (Salsa or ballroom? Open to suggestions)
  17. Jump out of a plane (Sorry Mom)
  18. Continue to coach or have some involvement in community affairs when I return to the States
  19. Attempt to brew my own beer (this could count as art, right?)
  20. Laugh every day

I cant wait to capitalize on the new experiences and obstacles I will face this year.



P.S. Go Birdsss babbbbbyyyyyy!!!!!


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