Quick Pit Stop in Scotland

Posted By: LukeEddy
Posted On: January 28th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Scotland and visit the cities of Glasglow and Edinburgh. In this post, I will highlight my trip through pictures and small captions. A little bit of foreshadowing, my captions will be way more informative than my pictures because I barely took any, most of these pictures are from my traveling partner’s phone Dom Diaz #BDD anyway.

Edinburgh Medical Muesuem

One of our first stops on the trip was the surgeon’s museum in Edinburgh. If you had a weak stomach, this wasn’t the place for you. It had interesting pieces of history on how surgery has advanced over the years. An interesting fact is that surgery actually started in Edinburgh, or at least that is what a local told us. As I walked up to the section showing different types of knee surgeries I got a little bit queezy, but other than that I enjoyed it. The picture above shows me taking a shoe string through tiny holes while only being able to see a picture of the cell phone camera. It wasn’t easy, but once I got the hang of it. I successfully loop the string in through the holes in 47 seconds. It must not have been as impressive as I thought because I tweeted my time to where they said, and I got no response.

Edinburgh Castle

Here is a picture that I took before I fired the cannon and completely demolished that building straight ahead which is about a mile away. Only joking, this is a picture I randomly took, with very little actual purpose. The castle was pretty cool though, it sat on top of a huge hill and you could see for miles in every direction. It was its own little village up there that included jails, churches and living spaces. I wish I could inform you guys on more historical information, but I wasn’t much of a reader on the displays, just more of a looker.

Celtic FC

The next picture is from inside Celtic Park for a match. My man Foxxy (I know it should only be one x but two XX’s look so much cooler) hooked Dom and me up with some good seats. It was a tad bit cold outside, but the atmosphere was really enjoyable. People chanted and screamed the game and Celtic ended up winning 1-0. We had to leave the game a bit early, because of the flight situation.


The whole weekend was a blast. I never blinked an eye until I looked at my debit card balance until I tried to buy a Lucozade from the airport on the way home and my card was declined. Regardless, the trip was lit! I suggest a visit by any current, future or any friends reading this.

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