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Posted By: JasmineWalker
Posted On: January 20th, 2018
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

Found out today that everyone from my course passed all of our classes last semester – something that hasn’t been done by a Masters program! So yea I’m pretty happy about that, not that I was worried or anything😅. Semester 2 started this week too, so I figured I take the time to blog about my educational experience here in Ireland so far. My course (MSc in Global Financial Information Systems) is very challenging, but as I mentioned before I love how it incorporates finance and technology. This new semester especially deals with a lot of “Big Data” topics that are growing in popularity. I am also being exposed to different software packages like Oracle, SAP (learning it this semester), SPSS, and others. What I have enjoyed about this course so far are the projects that we’ve done. Most of them have been group projects and so I’m gaining experience working with students from different cultures and backgrounds and I’m building skills for effective teamwork. My favorite project was for my data modeling class where we actually created our own mobile phone and contract database and demonstrated its capabilities to the class and our professor. Yes I learned how to do a bit of coding last semester 😎.

The teaching style is slightly different than back home. There aren’t a lot of lectures for the course as there were in my MBA program or undergraduate program. The expectation is for graduates to be more proactive and do a lot of independent studying, which was kind of a difficult transition for me. I definitely have to continue to improve my time management skills.

My favorite aspect of my course are my classmates and professors. My professors make class more enjoyable with their sarcasm, jokes, support, and clear passion for the subjects they teach. My classmates are hilarious and extremely helpful whenever I need anything. They are also showing their support by coming to my game this weekend at the Mercy. Can’t ask for a better class!

I also want to shoutout other administrators and campus faculty like the Porters, who’ve all been extremely nice and supportive during my time here.

Overall, I am having a great time at WIT. Despite the challenges of the my course I am glad I selected it. Now the real question is “Will this be my final semester of school?”😂 Three degrees later (if I pass this year lol) who knows!🤓

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