The Cup Weekend

Posted By: IanThom
Posted On: January 8th, 2018

The week leading up to the cup weekend was an exciting one.  It started in Dingle for New Years.  Dingle is a very quaint town on the coast of Ireland.  The beaches were so relaxing but looked very very cold.  There was a man surfing in the ocean and I could only imagine how freezing he was.  I can’t wait to go back and visit the town and Fungie the dolphin of Dingle in the spring when it will be a bit warmer.

The weekend was filled with excitement as we played on a Friday night! The only problem is that we lost to a very talented Killorglin team in the final seconds of the game.  Despite the loss, having some scholars stay over in Cork helped to improve the weekend. It was great to see almost all the scholars again and to have the ability to host some of the scholars in our phenomenal city of Cork.  We had an amazing weekend as we woke up and had an amazing brunch at Brick Lane.  I had a monte cristo benedict, which is sour dough french toast with pancetta and Heagrty’s cheese, topped with free range poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  It was unreal.

Then we ventured around the city and shopped a little as we explored the sites of Cork. Then we walked across town to my absolute favorite coffee shop now.  My parents actually found this coffee shop as they stayed in the hotel next to it and went to it almost everyday (They even eft me a loyalty card for a free one when they left hahaha).  The shop is called The Bookshelf Cafe and I literally only get a mocha every time I go in. It’s warmth and dusted chocolate over the top lighten the heart and make the day that much better.  We finished the night watching the NFL playoffs, having a pizza and a pint at the Rising Sun Brewery in Cork’s city center.  It has amazing pizza and Gold Medal winning beers.  While in the brewery we met a very nice couple from Florida visiting the Emerald Isle.  Even though they were from Florida they were big Red Sox and Patriot fans which resonated well with three out of four us. Maddy, Matt and I were pleased but not Maeve with that.  The night out at Rising Son ended a great, fun and exciting day in Cork with great people!

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