Weekend in Cork

Posted By: MatthieuSt.Amour
Posted On: January 13th, 2018
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

Before I got back up and running in Limerick, I took the time to go down to Cork for a weekend. It was the Cup Semi Final weekend, so all of the clubs still in the Cup competition traveled down to Cork. Since we were knocked out early in the competition, we weren’t playing in the semi-finals, but I still decided to head down for the weekend to watch some basketball and to hang out with some Victory Scholars. There were also a lot of Victory Scholars playing in the semi-finals, so it was awesome to get to watch them play.  I got to watch four scholars play against each other in one semi-final when MacKenzie and Shannon faced off against Mak and Faith. After the game, a bunch of the scholars were able to hang out and check out Cork together. It was a really fun night to see everyone and it is always great to see other scholars.

I also stayed over Sunday night with Maddy and Ian in Cork. I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore more of Cork. The only other times I have been to Cork have been for playing or coaching, so I never had the time to check out the city. Maeve, another scholar, also stayed over with Maddy and Ian. The four of us when out to a nice lunch in the city, and walked around the downtown area. We also went to a local brewery and pizza place for dinner and to watch some of the NFL playoffs. It was an amazing weekend with some great friends!

Now that I am back in Limerick, it is back to work. We have our first game since break and then are starting classes this week as well. My time away really helped me to appreciate the important people that I have in my life. Even during some of the toughest days, I know that I have my friends and family back home that I can always count on. I also know that I have the support of the other scholars and the entire SCL staff. This has really helped me so much throughout the year and I am really thankful for all of the support.

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