Episode 17: Being a Victory Scholar in Waterford

Posted By: MeghanDonoghue
Posted On: February 18th, 2018
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

Hi everyone!

For this weeks post I thought I would talk about my experience being a Victory Scholar so far. It truly has been a once in a lifetime experience, and I am so grateful to have been chosen to be here.  Being in Waterford has been great so far!  Its a small city, but there is plenty to do and the people are all friendly and welcoming.

As a Victory Scholar I find that I am busy pretty much all the time (a good busy).  In Waterford, we are coaching in volunteering whenever we don’t have practice or class.  Some of my favorite coaching things include our Saturday MiniBall sessions, Thursday night skills, and coaching at the Presentation Secondary school.  MiniBall is always a lot of fun because it is something the little kids look forward to all week.  They always come with loads of energy which makes the Saturday morning that much more enjoyable.  Jas and I have also been doing a skills session on Thursday nights for anyone who wants to work on their game.  So far the response has been great and a lot of the local kids come because they truly want to get better.  Its always a lot of fun coaching all the kids that we do because overall they seem truly invested in bettering their basketball skills.  Their enthusiasm and genuine interest in the game definitely makes our job a lot easier!  One of my other favorite coaching jobs was coaching my team at the Presentation.  My team did really well in all there games, unfortunately they lost so now I am done coaching them for the year.  It was great getting to coach my own team and see their development over the short period of time I spent with them.

For me, being a Victory Scholar is all about the lives we are impacting.  All of the volunteering and coaching things that we get to do really helps to  integrate us into the community.  It is great that we get to get our education and still play basketball, but the best part for me is the kids that we get to work with.  They make these rainy Irish days bright and I am so happy to have the opportunity to play a role in their lives, no matter how small. Being a victory scholar has helped me grow in a lot of ways, and I hope to continue to learn and grow through this opportunity for the rest of my time here.


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