Heart over Height

Posted By: TiffanyCorselli
Posted On: March 26th, 2018
Attending: DCU

This next blog is a thank you to my U16 team….

To: Emily , Rachael K , Rachel B , Alex , Janet, Ava , Claire , Sarah

I remember walking into Mercy gym the first time we ever had practice. There were only 7 girls. All but one I was height level with. I knew for sure we had to be missing a few girls. But soon I would be informed that this was it. No true big man or point guard I knew a challenge lied ahead but one I was surely willing to accept. We went around the room and I had each girl introduce herself and give a fun fact about themselves. I remember Alex fun fact was that she was in love with Justin Bieber 😂

But let’s fast forward to the first game of the season. We played a team that had two post double the size of my tallest player. I could tell the girls were nervous and so was I. This was my coaching debut and I didn’t want to disappoint. I can’t lie we started off the game really shaky. We were down about 12 ending the first quarter. By the end of the second quarter the other team was nearly up twenty points.At halftime I said to my girls we’re gonna press. I know there’s only seven of us but this is about heart. If u believe we can win this game we will. The start of the third quarter the girls came out on fire. We got the lead cut down to about 7 entering the fourth quarter. Exhausted , burnt out, gasping for air the girls fought and fought and fought until the final buzzer sounded. We got within 2 multiple times but fatigue eventually took over and we would end up losing the game by about 8. Even though we lost that game I knew I had a team of warriors. I knew I had a team that could fight and would fight even if they were undermanned.

We started off losing our first few games by a high margin. The girls would battle but we just couldn’t get over that hump. That would soon change and we would pick up our first win halfway through the first half of the season. A three to send us into overtime by the wonderful Emily Hennessy and then solid defense through the OT period would take us over the edge. As the season went on after each game you could see the improvement in the girls. The shy little girls that once took the court had turned into beast‼

So this is my thank you letter! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Thank you for accepting me as the five foot animated coach from America. Thank you for working hard each day and leaving it all on the floor. From our dance sessions, horse games , car rides , photo shoots,FaceTime call with the famous Victoria,getting eachother to try all the different candies and goodies we like from our countries and the list goes on I will miss it all.

Emily – KEEP SHOOTING!!!! Always believe if the first one doesn’t go in the next one will ! Believe in yourself becux you are way better than what you give yourself credit for💪🏾

Sarah – keep working hard the sky is the limit ! Thank you for running the show all year at the point 💪🏾 you were our due it all player ‼

Ava – Firecracker !! You have a heart of a lion !! Your hustle was simply unmatched ! Thank you for making whoever you were guarding life miserable 😂

Rachel B- Beasttttttttttt !!!! Confidence !!! Once you believe in yourself no one will stop you ! It was good to see u go from barely wanting to touch the person your guarding to dropping 20 buckets a night 😂💪🏾

Alex – you remind me of myself regarding the passion you play with ..So don’t ever change just don’t hurt anyone out there 😂😂 Tell Matthew I like his shoes {insider}

Janet – I know your job was hard. Playing some games and not others but I have to say thank you becux your never sulked. Every time I looked down the bench you were cheering your teammates on.

Rachel K – You were always down for my dancing antics. Milly rock was on point 👌🏽😂 You starting to catch fire mid way through the season but in particularly our last two games.. Keeping shooting but most importantly keep dancing 😂😂💃🏿💪🏾‼ {cookout dance}

Claire – you were the baby , but everytime you stepped out on the court you proved you belong. Keep working hard each day becux you can be so good !

U14s- Thank you guys for joining the squad. You gave our bench a huge boost ! You didn’t have to do what you guys did so I am very appreciative ❤

Grace – my assistant coach , and Snapchat selfie partner.. it’s your turn to take over the team next year I hope your ready 👀😂

Parents – thank you for traveling to all the games and being our biggest cheerleaders !

Last but not least the Hennessy’s! Thank you for always opening up your home and giving me lifts to and from games and training sessions. You went over and beyond your job and I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart ☺

This isn’t goodbye but see you later ! You made my time in Ireland a great one , memories I will cherish forever 🇮🇪 Now let’s go turn up Barcelona 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

Bless up


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