St Paddy’s Day

Posted By: TiffanyCorselli
Posted On: March 19th, 2018
Attending: DCU

The day started off with music blasting and the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen. My mom was cooking breakfast for us before we headed out to the parade. We headed into the city where hundreds of people awaited. Crowds of people filled the Dublin streets waiting for the annual St.Patricks Day parade to begin. It was freezing. We had a 45 minute wait until the parade was set to begin. I ran into the local shop and got hot chocolates for my group and I. The parade began. This was the most interesting parade I ever attended. It started off normal with the army and police officials heading the parade. They had marching bands from various colleges from America. But then the parade got interesting. For a solid 20 minutes different groups dressed up as insects walked the parade. We couldn’t figure out why they were dressed in these costumes and what the relevance it played to St.Patricks day. We got stuck trying to cross the road for about 30 minutes 😫 We had to wait for a gap in the parade to cross the street. We met up with some of our fellow victory scholars and headed to a few local bars. St.Patricks Day definitely lived up to the hype that surrounded it . Unfortunately Alex and I had to call it a night early due to the fact we had a playoff game the next day but we still had a great day celebrating in this wonderful country. Word of advice come to Ireland during St.Patricks weekend you won’t be let down 😆

Bless up


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