Thank You

Posted By: KristenBroomley
Posted On: March 31st, 2018
 Dear Mom and Dad,
I want you to know that I regularly get told I am too polite and that I overuse the phrases “I’m sorry” “thank you” and “please.” You taught me and my brothers the importance of manners and kindness. You showed me that it’s okay to recognize when I’m in the wrong and to apologize for it, hopefully making amends. And you told me to always use my manners when asking for something. But somewhere along the way I began to use those three sayings too much; even when I’m not wrong I’ll be the first to apologize and I always say please and thank you when requesting something and when that request has been fulfilled. They are words that have become etched into my vocabulary, but sometimes I wonder how often I mean them. From my perspective, all the time. But from the perspective of my friends and those who tell me I overuse them, I can understand how they may seem to have an insincere and trite connotation. While others may criticize my polite terminology, I try to embrace it because it’s a piece of me that has pure and genuine intentions, even when the words seem exhausted. It’s a characteristic of mine that was instilled by two of the most selfless, positive and impactful people I know.
In addition to kindness and manners, you both have taught me the importance of humility when I’ve been on a high and the importance of support when I’ve been in a rut. These past 8 months have been no different. Through every anxiety attack, declined credit card transaction and homesick spell, you have been there to give me that bit of support I’ve needed to keep going. Through every accolade, positive message and promising grade I’ve received, you were there to tell me to stay humble and keep paying-it-forward.
Most importantly, you’ve helped me grow individually, financially and professionally. When I’m indecisive about a situation, you’re always there to remind me of the facts and what is the most logical solution. Recently, I’ve had to abstain from buying multiple clothing items so I have the funds to buy groceries. While it’s been challenging, it’s been rewarding seeing my own money be put to good use. Because of your willingness to listen to my drafted emails and help connect me with those in your network, I have been able to develop my networking skills, giving me the chance to adequately grow as a young professional.
Not just these past 8 months, but my whole life, you have blessed me with positive encouragement needed to follow my heart, you have provided words of wisdom and you have given me the time and direction to think intuitively and independently. I’m excited to be reunited in just two months, but I know the days are going to fly by with your daily morning and goodnight messages.
So, the next time I say thank you for FaceTiming with me or I say thank you for sending me a few extra dollars, I’m not just saying it because it’s the polite thing to do, I’m saying it because I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without you and your support. I’m beyond grateful to have you both as my parents and two of my biggest inspirations.
With love,