Posted By: MatthewBauer
Posted On: March 16th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

A common question I have been asked is if I have become a soccer fan since I have lived overseas and to be honest I have not really. I am awful at playing it and it is very boring to watch on tv especially since I always miss the rare goal. However, I have found that I am a big fan of going to soccer games and love it even more when the home team wins. This past weekend Dom, Luke, and I all took advantage of a free weekend and adventured out to London. During that tour and also after the immediate stop to eat at Chipotle, we made plans to watch Tottenham play Huddersfield at Wembley Stadium. Neither of the teams struck any interest to me considering I only really know Real Madrid/Barcelona, therefore, before the game I was just excited to see the venue where the NFL games are played in London, but after it I could care less about the NFL.

There is something different about a soccer match that I have never experienced before. If I could try to put it into words it would be a mesh of the camaraderie of a college football game and the skill level of a NFL game. No matter what age every fan is completely invested into their team whether they are a home supporter or an away fan that is cheering as loud as they can. Would I take my time to watch a game on television now after being at a soccer match in person? No, still probably not, but the next opportunity that presents itself to partake in that atmosphere I will immediately accept. Oh and if you are wondering I didn’t miss the two goals that were scored in the game!



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