Running in the Rain

Posted By: ElizabethFalcigno
Posted On: April 29th, 2018
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

As my time as a collegiate athlete has drawn to an end, I’ve found myself in need of a new hobby. I’ve recently began to run and am in the process of training for the Great Limerick Half Marathon on May 6th! I am very excited to compete in my first half marathon race even though I know my time will be slightly horrible. I’m far from my goal times, but to simply complete this race will set the standard moving forward. I have dreams of one day running an entire marathon and maybe even a sprint triathlon!

            On one of my daily runs I encountered quite the storm. At first, it was only a mere two or three tiny rain drops which is common, but then the heavens opened up and it began to pour. I couldn’t help but look up at the clouds with a huge smile and laugh. This was truly the definition of “getting caught in the rain”. Although it was difficult to see without water hitting me in the eye, I found a way to continue the last 5K of my run. Believe it or not, I enjoyed the rain. It was a refreshing twist on my usual routine.

            Throughout the winter I had to endure cold runs. I was bundled up in layers to try and keep warm compared to the shorts and tank top I was now wearing in the pouring rain. The seasons here in Ireland have officially changed. As I opened the door to my apartment, the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds. Naturally, after I was indoors, the sun decided to come out. Either way, I had to reflect on my most recent rainy run.

            As my year in Ireland draws closer and closer to the end, I can’t help but enjoy the little moments such as these. One day, I’ll look back on all the runs I did through the countryside and the one in the pouring rain will probably stick out the most.

“The way I see it, if you want to enjoy the rainbow, you have to endure the rain.”

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