Short Trip to Italy

Posted By: JasmineWalker
Posted On: April 16th, 2018
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

One of the best things about being a Victory Scholar is your opportunity to travel. Before applying for this program I didn’t have plans to travel Europe until I saved enough money to do so. I also have a fear of flying so that played a big part in me postponing any travel dreams. Being a part of this program has allowed me to explore Europe and conquer my fear of flying one trip at a time.

My favorite kind of trips are the ones that aren’t planned. No itineraries needed, just explore and let the experience unfold on its own. Last week, I went to Italy with Deja and Meghan for a few days. We stayed in the beautiful town of Limone sul Garda, right on the shore of Lake Garda. We weren’t in a heavy tourist area so we really got to have an authentic Italian experience. Most of the first day was spent traveling to our hotel, but the second day was more eventful. I fell in love with the natural beauty of the town, from the lake to the mountains and the architecture of all the buildings. And of course the food and drinks were great!

On the last day of our trip we headed to Verona before our flight back to Dublin. Verona gets its fame from being the setting of Romeo and Juliet, and being there you can see why the beautiful city was selected for Shakespeare’s play. There wasn’t much time to join any tours, but we were still able to view the Casa di Giulietta and the Arena di Verona.

In the House of Juliet it was amazing to see all of the writing and letters on the wall that people have done over the years. For me it just showed how we all seek to be a part of something bigger and how connected we are by these global experiences.

After another successful trip, I am grateful that I get this chance to explore the world at such a young age and with such ease.

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