Posted By: PhillipJohnston
Posted On: September 14th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

This bed is too small

I can’t sleep quite right

My back feels the springs

Deep into the night

I toss and I turn

Packed in so tight

This pillow is flat

What a delight


I could have stayed home

I’m used to it there

Life would be easy

I would hardly care

Then why am I here?

At my ceiling I stare

At nothing at all

My walls are so bare


I don’t get homesick

I do like it here

Some things are lovely

Like the people and the beer


I realize my privilege

When I feel at unease

At an amazing opportunity

All the way overseas


Most would do anything

To spend nearly a year

In another country

With a mission so clear


To help other people

Who did not have my luck

Whose towns were damaged

And by hate they were struck


To teach kids games

And sports they could play

To give them hope

And do this every day


What a change I could make

If I see what I can do

If I give it my all

To give them something new


A way to prosper

A way to achieve

A way to aspire

A way to believe


These kids have potential

Its not like they can’t succeed

They have plenty of skill

It’s just a small push they need


We can all be great

Some just need a guide

To be helped to the front

Of life’s joyous ride


I’m sure one day

I will be in need

I will have troubles

From which to be freed


But today I am fine

My problems are slim

My future isn’t set

But it sure isn’t grim


This year might be easy

This year might be tough

But I will not leave thinking

I did not do enough


I wake up tired

But ready to give

To others a life

They deserve to live




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