“Whatever it takes.”

Posted By: AdashyaWilliams
Posted On: September 14th, 2018








The day finally arrived. With twists and knots growing stronger every second throughout my second
summer post-undergrad, August 24 th released most of the tension and apprehension I had previously
contained. I was exactly where I needed to be in this very moment.

After being out of collegiate play for a little over a year, the preparation and anticipation that I had
towards being able to practice, make new teammates, and play the game I fell in love with was just a
wee bit stressful. But stressful situations are what makes life, life. I have a new team in the Dublin City
University club team: DCU Mercy, a new class schedule, a whole new country and city to explore—to
make my own. I will be getting lost at least once a day but I am okay with that. I couldn’t be happier

Reflecting on my two weeks in Ireland (Belfast and Dublin), I found a poster that really stuck with me. It
stated: “Ride The Wave. Experience your emotions. As a wave, coming and going. Don’t try to get rid of
emotion. Don’t push it away. Try not to block emotion. Try not to suppress emotion. Don’t try to keep
emotion around. Don’t hold on to it. Don’t amplify it.” While I am in Ireland, I want to be able to live my
best life—to experience it fully. These opportunities only come ever so often so my challenge is to live in
the moment as much as possible.

Thank you to Sport Changes Life for this amazing opportunity to be able to mentor the youth, acquire
my masters and to play the best sport in the world. I want to take the time to thank my coaches—past
and present for their unbelievable faith in me when sometimes I lacked it myself. I wanted to thank my
siblings for being my biggest fans and always making me my best self not only for them but for myself. I
wanted to thank my Nana for always having my back regardless the distance between us. But most
importantly, I wanted to thank my parents; without you Mama and Pops, I wouldn’t have grown into the
young lady that I am. Without your love, support, and sacrifices, I wouldn’t have ever fell in love with
the game some 20 years ago. Because of you, I will do “whatever it takes”.



**Sidenote** If you haven’t already, please do follow Sport Changes Life on all social media to stay up to date with my journey and the journey of the other 34 scholars as well! Trust me, you do not want to miss out on the amazing things we are doing over here in Ireland.