A Day in the Life

Posted By: JennaKaufman
Posted On: November 5th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

When speaking with family and friends at home, a question that comes up a lot in conversation is: “What’s your typical day like?” The truth is, I have no such thing as a “typical day” here in Northern Ireland. There is a bit of consistency throughout most weeks, but I find that every day tends to bring something different, which I enjoy.

So, instead of a typical day, here is what a typical week in my life looks like, for those that are wondering! (If you don’t really care what I’m up to most days you might as well skip reading this blog post lol)…

Monday: Mondays are usually my easiest days. I typically have nothing planned on Mondays, so I will take my mornings and afternoons to workout, run by the sea, do homework, do laundry, go on walks, watch Netflix, etc. On Monday nights, we typically have a 2 hour session of Ehoops with a youth group that comes to campus. The first hour consists of playing games and sports with the kids in the gymnasium (they are usually between 11-18 years old), and the second hour consists of mentoring/talking/small group work and eating pizza!

Tuesday: On most Tuesdays the other scholars and I go with Mac of Sport Changes Life to an over 50’s club at a local gym, where we play pickle ball, badminton, and boccia for 2 hours. We also get a break for tea. 🙂 Sometimes we will go to nursing homes to play boccia afterwards, or to the Sport Changes Life office to help out with any extra work there. On Tuesday nights I have basketball practice on campus with my team, the Ulster Elks, from 8-10!

Wednesday: Wednesdays usually consist of going to nursing homes with Mac to play boccia for an hour. It is very rewarding to see the elderly and those less able get joy out of playing! Afterwards we might go to the SCL office, or back to campus where I would have the rest of the day off for free time. Wednesday nights from 6-8 we have an Ehoops session on campus with another youth group, which would also consist of an hour of sport and then an hour of mentoring/group work/pizza.

Thursdays: Thursday mornings usually consist of going with Mac to the over 50’s club to participate in a pickle ball class, and then possibly to nursing homes for boccia after that. Thursday nights I have basketball practice again, 8-10.

Fridays: Friday mornings usually consist of going with Mac to a leisure center to play boccia with elderly/disabled people, where they also serve us lunch and tea. It’s a great time to socialize with people in the community. Afterwards we would probably head to the SCL office to help with any work there.

Saturdays: Game day! I always have games on Saturdays, usually at 3 or 5. Sometimes we have to travel, which could take all day, or even an overnight trip with the team. The farthest we have traveled so far is over 3 and a half hours, to Galway. If it’s a home game, you can find us for a wee night out on the town in Belfast Saturday night!

Sunday: a much needed day of rest/sightseeing/free time

By this point, you’re probably wondering… when does this chick go to school? 3 days a month I do have class, 9-5. This would be one Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday every month, so obviously the schedule above would change. Additionally, with the Basketball Hall of Fame Belfast Classic Basketball Tournament coming up at the end of November, all of the above schedule has even altered lately, as we are doing a lot more work promoting the Classic in the community (at schools, malls, etc.) as well as working a lot more hours at the Sport Changes Life office to get things ready for the tournament.

So there ya have it! A very consistent yet inconsistent schedule of what my life looks like for the next 10 months. Hope ya enjoyed… Cheers!!!

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