Boojum or Chipotle … We’re Not So Different After All!

Posted By: KollynsScarbrough
Posted On: November 12th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

“Our Similarities bring us to common ground; Our Differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.”

– Tom Robbins American Novelist

Recently in an Ehoops session, the scholars and the Ehoopers got into a debate about whose food is better. The debate started like every other food related debate I’ve had in Ireland so far, 

“Is it Chips or Fries?” “Jam or Jelly?” 

“Whose Chinese food is better?”

“Whose has better pizza?”





 Then one of the Ehoopers changed the course of the argument by asking, “Boojum or Chipotle?” As scholars and Ehoopers debated over whose guacamole is better, I had an epiphany of sorts. See for those who don’t know, Boojum is the Chipotle of Ireland. They are exactly the same in every detail but the name. Same décor, same menu; they let you have all the forks you want and have one to many topless hot sauce bottles to be considered sanitary. See…just like Chipotle!

So as the argument advanced into more controversial territory (Whose tortilla chips have more salt?). I couldn’t help but compare the food we were adamantly fighting for to ourselves. I know you’re probably like, “what are you talking about Kollyns”, but just hear me out! Like Boojum and Chipotle, Irish and American people aren’t so different. We might have different slang or slight cultural differences but at the end of the day we are all just people. People who are proud of where they come from, and willing to argue about food for hours just to prove it.

All around the world people fight over differences as small and insignificant as the differences Boojum shares with Chipotle. If people instead could start embracing and celebrating those differences, the world would be a much happier & safer place. I know I was happy when I found out I could still get my black bean & chicken bowl in Ireland! Everyone just needs to come to the realization that no matter the amount of differences we share, we are still as similar as Boojum is to Chipotle.
Until Next Time,
Kollyns Scarbrough


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