New Journal, Who dis’?

Posted By: SamanthaHyslip
Posted On: November 2nd, 2018
Attending: DCU

I have always written in journals on and off because I think it is good to write down my thoughts that I don’t necessarily want to share with other people. That journaling was more so for the difficult times, when I needed to vent things out. The idea of having a journal for all my new exciting adventures, not just the difficult times, was something new to me, but something I definitely knew I wanted to do this year. I’d like to be able to look back and not just read through the pages, but relive all the experiences I will have had.

A few days ago, it was beautiful outside- nice and warm, sun shining, with a cool breeze. We have a park connected to our campus, so I packed a bag with a towel, my journal, and a speaker for music. I walked into the park and picked a spot in the middle of the grass with no one around. I sat down and put some music on and just took in my surroundings. Then I pulled out my journal and started to write away! It was really nice to just reflect on my time so far and explain the new, fun, and challenging aspects that were coming my way.

This journal entry was like no other entry I’ve ever written. It took me longer because I was thinking deeper, rather than just ranting on about an emotion I was feeling in the moment. About halfway through it, I was overcome with a feeling of pride. Here I was, alone, in a completely new place, writing about this new journey of mine. I took a second and thought back to my younger self, who relied on her older sisters for virtually everything. I never wanted to go to even the bathroom alone, and I certainly would not have given a thought to traveling alone. “Sam, look how far you’ve come” I thought to myself.

I truly am grateful for this experience to jump outside my comfort zone. While my journal entries may not always be so positive, and some pages fill with loneliness or fear, they never cease to end with the word appreciative. And I know that when I look back and read through, I will read this entry and be able to nearly feel the sun on my face as I tilted my head up with my eyes closed and my smile wide.

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