Home for the Holidays

Posted By: AllysonEsielionis
Posted On: December 29th, 2018
Attending: Athlone Institute of Technology

People always want to know what everyone’s favorite presents are after the holiday season has wrapped up. This year, the greatest gift I received was being able to spend time with my family and friends. While I have been having the time of my life here in Ireland, I cannot begin to explain how much I have missed everyone back home.

When I woke up the morning of my flight to Boston, it didn’t quite feel real yet. A quick 7 hour flight and 3 movies later, I had officially touched down at home. In true New-Englander fashion, I found the closest Dunkin’ Donuts and bought myself a large iced coffee before going to find my family. I was met with hugs and smiles and maybe an eye roll or two when they saw my first priority was my Dunkin’. The next few days were filled with Christmas celebrations at my grandparents’ house and our own. Being able to share my experiences with my family face-to-face and hearing the stories of what everyone else has been up to made me feel like I barely even missed a beat. With the Christmas celebrations dying down, I was even able to go to the Christmas Day Celtic’s game against the ’76ers. I couldn’t have picked a more exciting game to go to over break. The Celtic’s got the win in OT and I got to witness Kyrie go off for 40 points. It couldn’t have gone better.

Not only did I get to spend some time at home, I also got to go down to Salve for a couple days out of my trip. It was so nice to see all of my teammates, friends and coaches. I never thought I’d say it but it was even nice seeing the training staff who (gratefully) helped me with a few problems I’ve been having. I loved our trainers, they’re great people, but those who know me know how sick of the training room I’ve been for the last year. I was able to catch a game for both teams. I missed watching these games live; it definitely beats staying up until midnight to cheer them on from behind my computer! Before I left I made sure to catch a couple of my favorite sunsets on Ocean Drive, too.

Saying my goodbyes were much easier this time around. I am having so much fun in Ireland and I was definitely feeling excited to get back into my community here. I have friends and family planning trips to come visit me this semester and am soo excited to show them around this beautiful place! Thank you to everyone who made my “home vacation” the best holiday season ever. See you soon Massachusetts!

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