Open Letter to My Future Self…

Posted By: AdiyaHenderson
Posted On: December 5th, 2018
Attending: Letterkenny Institute of Technology


By now I have (barely) conquered the first month of living in Ireland but honestly, it turned out a lot better than you could expect. While Letterkenny is the polar opposite of what you experience at home, I hope it has done some good to you! Traveling and exploring places on your bucket list is something that I really hope you were able to achieve…if not, it is a better reason for you to come back! When starting the program and meeting 32 amazing people from all over the states, you never would have thought you would have made a bond with so many people so quickly, and becoming close with them is something that I hope is still relevant once you are home. I know somehow at least one of these people will make a mark on your life. Even more so, I hope that Sport Changes Life as a whole made a difference in who you are and gained an experience that you will never forget!  

What I Hope For the Future…


I hope that during your time here, it has been spent with endless laughing, smiling and memories.

I hope that you will have people in your life from this program that you can truly call friends maybe even family.

I hope that you take time to taste different foods, meet new people and take advantage of exploring this amazing land around you as often as you can.


I hope that you gained some Irish culture that you will take back to the states.


I hope that you were able to make a difference in the people that you coached or played with and instilled your love of basketball onto them.


I can’t wait for the future self can read this and fulfill everything that I hope to achieve out of this Sport Changes Life Program

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