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Posted By: AndrewCuriel
Posted On: January 2nd, 2019
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

I’ve seen and heard all the stories about living with roommates. The good, bad, and ugly. Being an only child I never shared a room. Once I got to college though I had two roommates…wasn’t to thrilled about sharing a living space for the entire year after I just lived 18 years with no roommate. Turns out the roommate situation got better and I ended up rooming with my now bestfriend, brother, and business partner Neeko. Getting assigned to LIT was already overwhelming enough, but when I found out I was going to be living with two other scholars I was more open to the idea of sharing a living space.


I ended up living with Taylor and Matt for my time here in Limerick. We currently live in Cratloe Student Village which is about a 10 minute walk down the road from where we attend school. I can’t lie Taylor and Matt are good housemates….if they weren’t I probably wouldn’t write a blog about them. But being an only child I oftentimes can exclude myself and stay in my room just because I was already accustomed to doing that. But since Taylor and Matt are so outgoing, I found myself having to “match” their energy which resulted in me having A LOT of fun. To begin the new year, Taylor made dinner for all three of us…mostly because Matt and I couldn’t cook. At these dinners, we were all open to each other. Sharing experiences, stories, and perspectives were all making us closer with each word said. I began to feel all the questions and problems I was facing moving to another country was also going through the minds of them. This made me feel comfortable whenever I wanted to share something with them in person or over social media.

first day we met


I think I have cool dynamic down here in Limerick because I believe we are the only scholars who have two guys and one girl set up. We all get to interact with each other, but I especially get to interact with both of them in separate environments. With Taylor, I get to interact with her in school because we are in the same course which is a masters in Marketing and Management Strategy. We get to share with each other our ideas and struggles with the course on a daily basis. Which is cool and also makes me feel as if i’m not alone going through school by myself. Whenever I’m frustrated or want to express something about the course to someone they wouldn’t really get it unless they were in the course with me. But, I’m lucky! Since I have Taylor who is in the course with me she understands everything I’m going through with adjusting to the teaching style, group dynamics, and the overwhelming amounts of projects.

first day of school


With Matt, even though we go to the same school we are in different courses. I don’t really see Matt in school, but where I do see him is on the basketball court. Matt and I play on two different teams, the national league team (professional team) and the LIT College team. We train various days throughout the week and get to interact a lot while we train and play. Basketball is a great sport and I have developed so many friendships and met so many people through this game of basketball. Due to basketball bringing Matt and I here to Ireland we get to share all of our experiences throughout our lives. The championships, funny teammate stories, memorable moments, literally everything. The long hours on the road traveling to games gives Matt and I the time to express how we are feeling and develop our friendship.

social media day


In all, these past six months have been great living with Taylor and Matt. They are both great #VictoryScholars and even greater people. In just the short time we’ve been together we have made countless memories. Most recently we traveled up to Dublin for the Post Malone concert and it was so much fun, we sang at the top of our lungs, got food after, and spent the next day in Dublin walking around and taking in the city. Whether it was at the dinner table, the pubs, school, on the court, or just in Limerick City, we each came into this experience alone  looking to connect with someone to get through this experience with… and for me personally I have found those two people. I can’t wait for these last 3 months to share more moments and create new memories with each of them… Till then we’ll be living by the three letters Limerick is known for…LIT!

visit from big g!
Trip to the cliffs

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