Dealing with Adversity

Posted By: DanielNoe
Posted On: March 5th, 2019
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

Moving to a new country undoubtedly has its challenges. The grocery stores are filled with completely different items, I do not have my car so transportation is more difficult, and you do not have the same support network as you do back home. Sometimes it really does feel like you are all on your own. Times like these are when I feel so lucky to have the roommates that I do, the other scholars all over the country, and of course endless amounts of love back home.

For me this year has all been about growth. Growing as a student, growing as a player, growing as a coach, but above all else growing as a person. When faced with a challenge in this new country, the only choice I have is to face it head on and figure out a way to overcome that obstacle. Figure out the bus schedule. Find out the new brands of food that suit your fancy. But above all else I have learned to be someone others can depend on. Knowing firsthand how difficult this experience can be at times has opened my eyes to how impactful I can be. I know that if I am going through a struggle, there are 33 other scholars over here going through the same struggle. It has taught me how impactful I can be as a supporter to the other scholars.

While there have been some low moments, this experience is still one that I will never forget. The people I have met and connections I have made will last I lifetime. I am blessed to have a support network on both sides of the Atlantic.

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