Spare Time!

Posted By: MarissaHoward
Posted On: March 2nd, 2019



Being a Victory Scholar can be pretty busy for the most part but when I do have free/spare time there are certain things I like to do! We have a pretty strict class schedule and are normally on campus everyday from nine to four! Then normally we have some sort of practice at night whether it be for us or coaching! Then on the weekend we normally coach at least one game and have one game so that leaves us with no days off normally. Yet when we have days off or time off there are certain things I like to do!

On a full day off I love to just go shopping! So I would either just go into Town to go to our shopping centers we have or if I am feeling like spending a lot of money I’ll take a day trip to Galway or Dublin. But normally we can get everything we need right in our towns shopping center. I am basically a professional window shopper! I love to just go look around and see what stores have to offer. But there are times that I actually splurge a bit!

If I have just a few hours of spare time I LOVE to nap, color, and watch youtube! Napping is a big part of my life! I need a nap every once in a while in order to function. So on a day when I can fit a nap in that is defiantly gonna happen. I also love to color. I have an adult coloring book that I use when I have the time! I love to do that because it is mentally stimulating and it helps with any anxiety I have been having! Lastly, I love to watch youtube. There are multiple youtubers that I enjoy watching! I watch comedy channels, vlog channels, and just basic influencers I have things in common with!

Overall, the spare time that I have in my days I usually spend doing things that help me mentally! Shopping, napping, coloring, and watching youtube all make me feel comfortable and that is why I spend my time doing that!