#2: My Other 21 Scholarly Friends!! :)

Posted By: AlexandraPosset
Posted On: August 31st, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

After being with the scholars for a couple days I know that we have a really good group this year! We all have bonded so much already and these 10 days together are flying by and before we know it, we will have to say our goodbyes! 🙁

In a couple days everyone will be going to their sites where they will be located for the next 10 months, and honestly it’s going to be sad to see everyone leave. We all have so much together and enjoy being around one another! Granted we will be seeing each other shortly, but it will be hard to say our goodbyes.

All of the girls get along amazing! Pictured above isn’t everyone but we always have a good time together. This was our first night out in Belfast! We all tried Ginuess for the first time, and I personally did not like it. YUCK!!!!!! This night was suppose to be a girls night but some of the boys decided to come out too!

Pictured below are my fellow MAAC players. Aryn, Kadeem and I are all new to the program this year, and Kollyns (far right) is back for her second year. It’s crazy to think how much we all have in common although we played against each other well that goes for Aryn, Kollyns, and I. Since we all came from the same conference we knew about one another but I didn’t know these three on a personal level and within a couple of days we were all pretty close! We were able to share our experiences at our schools and connect over things we all have been through!

Pictured below is a good friend of mine, Maria on the right. Maria and I knew each other before coming to Ireland! I was able to meet her amazing college teammate Dana! Us three have really connected and had fun with one another over the past couple of days!

With the group of people we have, I feel like I have gained 21 good friends and I am going to be sad to say goodbye. But we will be seeing each other very soon!

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