#001: New Crocs, Same Kollyns

Posted By: KollynsScarbrough
Posted On: September 3rd, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

When it was announced that I was coming back to be apart of the 2020 Victory Scholar class, I was hit with a wave of questions. “What do you want to accomplish in the second year,” asked my very inquisitive grandmother. “Are you still gonna get buckets,” asked my basketball obsessed neighbour. Finally, the question that hit me the hardest, “Is it going to be weird for you without the scholars from last year?” And the truth is … it is weird.

It’s strange going through orientation without some of my old friends by my side. For example, it’s strange arguing about the popularity of my croc shoes with Foxy (one of Sports Changes Life sports mentors), without Jenna (a fellow scholar of 2019) by my side and supporting me throughout. Or it’s weird talking about various NBA teams without Mike or Phil (fellow scholars of 2019) there to add stats. And I miss talking hair care products with D, Tweedy, Taylor, and Sim (Obviously, scholars of 2019).

It’s safe to say that I miss my old class dearly. However, I have amazing opportunity! I’ve been gifted with opportunity to make new friends and memories in a amazing country! Meeting everyone in last few days has been a mix of emotions and responsibilities. The one thing I’ve learned from my past SCL experience is to take everything in stride.

So no grandma, I don’t know what I want to accomplish this year! And no Mr. Mercel, I don’t know if I’m going to get buckets! But I do know that have an opportunity of a lifetime, for the second time!

So while its a new group of people, its still the same me! So one could see it as me slipping into a new pair of shoes. So like I said, new crocs, same Kollyns!

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