#5: Wow.

Posted By: AlexandraPosset
Posted On: September 8th, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

Wow. Wow. Wow. That was my first reaction and thought about my first full week being involved within the community through SCL.

We did programs when all the other scholars were here but this week, we were on our own a little more. It allowed me to see the impact that we have on these programs more because you connect with everyone in the group more. The feeling I got after working with every group was honestly priceless.

You know you are impacting them. You know they look forward to seeing us come in every week. You know they enjoy our company. You know they enjoy talking with you. You know they enjoy the activities that we do with them. You know that you are changing their lives in SOME WAY. You know that smile on their face means so much.

I have had the opportunity to take part in 2 different programs; eHoops and Active Ageing.

EHoops this week was wonderful and the group of the Carmoney soccer girls enjoy their time with us. This group is such a good group and they are there to better themselves in some way. Everyone is going to get a different experience out of this program because people have to improve themselves in different ways. The girls are so engaged and willing to try new things and talk about things they are going through and that’s what it is all about! I feel that I have a good connection with most of the girls and I have talked to a bunch of them about different things that they have going on in their lives. And it makes me so happy that the girls are opening up to me and that I can help them in some way!

Active Ageing is awesome! Seeing the elderly community get active in some way whether that is pickle-ball, badminton, or boccia is amazing. The enjoyment that they get when we play with or against them is lovely. And let me tell you from first-hand experience, those boccia players are good!!! The one day I was 1-7… that says a lot because I get very competitive, and I was trying to win! Every active ageing group we do is different and that’s what makes this experience unbelievable. You know that you are going to interact with different types of people who need certain encouragement or that extra boost to help them get through whatever it is they have going on! The thing that really makes me enjoy the active ageing groups is that you know when you go into a nursing home, that smile on their face means EVERYTHING because that might be the only smile they have during that week.

This program is going to allow me to find myself and build a deeper understanding of who I AM.

This program is going to impact and change my life in so many ways and I am ALL IN for it!


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