Welcome to …The Waiting Game!

Posted By: KollynsScarbrough
Posted On: September 16th, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

The past year, I worked hard at Ulster University to receive my MSc in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Now it all comes down to the grade I receive on my dissertation manuscript. There’s no more presentations, test, or class, there’s just the grade I receive on one little 4,000 word paper.

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When I submitted my manuscript, a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Its was if all my hard work had finally paid off. But then it hit me, now I have to wait to see if i pass.

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Everyone close to me knows that I am one of the most impatient people when it comes to school grades. The thought of my grade consumes me, until I’m thinking about my possible score. “Did I pass?” “Did I not pass?” “Okay, if I didn’t pass is there anything I can do to pass.” “No. if I fail my manuscript, that’s it I failed.” “Omg, what if I failed/” “Omg, how do I tell my family!” And all these thoughts keep running around in my head until I feel like the picture below.

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That is until I call my mom. My mom, always the calm voice of reason and the only person who can calm me down when I get in my crazy mode. We don’t have to talk about school. But if we do, she reminds every time of how far I’ve come and how proud she is of me. When I called her recently, all she said on the matter was, “It’s just a waiting game baby that’s it, now we just wait. ” So hopefully in December I’ll be walking the stage for graduation and receiving my masters. But for now, I’m just got have to roll the dice and play the waiting game.

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To Be Continued… 


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