#6: Friendship knows no distance!

Posted By: AlexandraPosset
Posted On: October 8th, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

I was so lucky these past couple days to have one of my best friend from back home visit! Bre and I met in college and become best friends. Bre and I have been friends since our senior year in college, but it seems so much longer than that. We are very similar people who have the same interests which makes our friendship awesome!  Bre and I do not live close back in the states, but our friendship knows no distance. Even with the time difference between Ireland and the East coast of the United States, Bre and I talk all the time still! I am lucky to have a friend like her!

I had the honor to show Bre around Belfast! We went and saw pretty much everything there was! We ate some good food and had some good drinks as well!

We also even made it to Giants Causeway. When we went to Giants Causeway we hiked about 8 miles there and it was absolutely beautiful! Our trip there was a little rough but we made it!! I’ll talk more about Giants Causeway in another post!

Bre also got to see one of the programs that we do within the Sport Changes Life Program which was eHoops and she was very impressed with the program. She saw the impact we were making on young people and said she was so happy I had the opportunity to be apart of this program! Which made me extremely happy because I love being here and showing people what I do!

All in all, I’m sad Bre left, but she’ll be back in May!

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