Oh, Back to School Back to School

Posted By: KyleDixon
Posted On: October 30th, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

I think that it is about time to explain one of the main reasons as to why I am here; to attain my master’s degree in Sports Coaching and Performance. Now before arriving here, I really didn’t know what to fully expect from the coursework or classes that I would be taking. I didn’t know how strenuous it was going to be or what was going to be required? To be completely honest, I was extremely nervous and anxious for the first day and the program as a whole. *cue the Billy Madison back to school song*

However, I can honestly say that class has been nothing but enjoyable and interesting thus far. Having class only two to three times a month (yes, A MONTH) is pretty nice as well. More seriously though, I never knew that coaching education was so vast, and that there was so much to learn about the profession. I have only had five module sessions, and learned new aspects of coaching and leadership that I never knew existed. Another important aspect of the training are the discussions that take place with the rest of the people in this program. I am in this program with fellow scholar, Lexi, and a diverse group of full and part time students. This group is from many different walks of life consisting of varying sports, locations, and experience levels. These differences have made the discussions that much more interesting and valuable.

Just last evening, I turned in my first major master’s assignment; an approximately 2,500 word critical reflection essay on my leadership and coaching behaviors compared to current literature. A piece that I had nearly 4 weeks to complete, but ever so happily, decided to wait until the last 5 days. It can be shamefully said that I used all, but 15 minutes of the deadline. (Seems some things never change) At the end of it, though, I was happy with the work I had done. Even more, I was happy to prove to myself that I could study at this level. How well, exactly? TBD when I receive the feedback early next week. Regardless though, this assignment along with the first full module of teaching were extremely beneficial. I can only hope that the rest of the program and it’s modules are as influential and interesting as the first. Ultimately, if they are, this program will not only help me return to the states as a better coach and leader, but as a better person as well.

To give everyone an idea of what is ahead for me academically though, I will be attending classes and lectures for the next 8 months while completing a variety of assignments and presentations on a relatively monthly basis. At the beginning of May, I will go through my final module at Ulster University Jordanstown, and be allowed to return home to complete my master’s dissertation by the middle of September 2020. An opportunity that I could not be more grateful and excited for to be completely honest!!

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