Part 4 – Dublin Ireland vs Urbandale Iowa

Posted By: MeredithBurkhall
Posted On: October 6th, 2019
Attending: DCU

From my apartment in Dublin to my home in Urbandale Iowa is 3,897 miles. My entire life I lived in Iowa before moving to Ireland in August. Urbandale is a suburb west of Des Moines which is the capital of the state. From there, I went to Iowa State University, which is 50 miles away and took about an hour driving. Even though I lived Iowa my whole life “close” to home, I do not consider myself being a homebody person. Thats why I knew that making the journey overseas to live in another country wouldn’t be a problem for me.

Everyone back home and girls in the younger DCU Mercy club U10-U14 teams always ask me, “what is the difference about Ireland to Iowa” and I always laugh when they ask that question. One major difference I noticed right away was the steering wheel and driving on the other side of the road. It has taken me a while, and I’m still not used to it! When I touched down in Dublin at the airport to load everything onto the bus, I couldn’t believe where the steering wheel was and the difference I noticed being a passenger on the bus. Another major difference I noticed was the money conversions, having to use Euros instead of US Dollars and the food prices. I think the food in Ireland is WAYYY more expensive than the food back home. I also think that may be because I’m living in the city but I have noticed the prices to be different.

There are many similarities to Ireland and Iowa that I have noticed as well and the first thing was how nice and welcoming everyone has been. I have met so many people who have made my transition every smoothly. In Iowa, we use this term “Iowa Nice” which is the type of people that live in Iowa, and when visitors to tourist come to Iowa, they always use the term “Iowa Nice” when referring to the people they met came into contact with. For me, that’s the way I feel about people in Dublin. I have heard the term “Irish Nice” a few times and it reminds me of being home. Another similarity is the weather, in Iowa, there are lots of rainy cold days being in the midwest with snowy winters and cool falls. So, I am used to the rain and fall like temperatures in Dublin. The last similarity is the city, I know Des Moines is not as big as Dublin but in terms of getting around the city by using public transport and the beautiful building and murals, reminds me of home.

Everyone always asked me what would be 1 thing you wish you had in Ireland that they don’t have, or one thing in Ireland you wish America had. And the one thing I miss the most (not including my family or friends) is mercian food!!! At home, I used to eat Mexican food daily, so I’m really missing my favorite Street Tacos and restaurants back home. But, one thing in Ireland that I wish I had back home is Penny’s! I have spend too much money in Pennys already. Its very convenient to me for clothes, room decorations, bathroom necessities, etc. but I love Penny’s.

I am so glad I have found my new home for the next 9 months in Dublin Ireland. Every day I am so grateful for this opportunity and thankful to be living in Dublin! So glad to call Dublin in my new home away from home!



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