St. Johns Castle

Posted By: IanMorris
Posted On: October 6th, 2019
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

September 20th was a day to remember! Reece, Summer and I went to St. Johns Castle in the middle of Limerick city. We wanted to explore what this castle was all about. The three of us had heard that it was definitely a popular site to see in Limerick, but it definitely caught me by surprise. We went into the castle and it was massive! Immediately, something really stuck out to me and that was that the castle had been built before the Magna Carta had been created. That means that this building was twice as old as America is. In addition to that, since the castle was so old there had been so many citizens and people that had lived/worked on this castle for years. I found that to be fascinating!

However, it was very sad to hear about how many people died building and creating this castle. As the museum talked about, the conditions working on this castle were not safe back in the 1200’s. However, this castle now stands as this amazing monument in the middle of Limerick city and hopefully St. John’s castle will stand for many more years to come.

One of my favorite spots was on top of the castle that overlooked the river and a big portion of Limerick county. I got a great group photo with Summer, Reece and I in it, but unfortunately someone was standing right beside us as we took the photo. So I did not use it on here. However, I got a good solo shot of me standing at the top of King John’s Castle and that is the photo I have featured on here.

We stayed at the castle for around 2 hours in total and then left to go back home to have a relaxing evening at our apartment. It was a memorable day here as I really enjoyed learning more about the history of Limerick and about the building of castles in general. Hopefully, Reece, Summer, and I will have some more adventures in store in the upcoming future too.

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