Surviving yet Thriving

Posted By: PeterHoffmann
Posted On: October 23rd, 2019
Attending: Munster Technology University

It has now been officially over two months since I left my home in August. While it feels like I left New York awhile ago, my busy lifestyle in Cork has been making each week fly by. Our international business coursework has increased as presentation deadlines are approaching throughout all of November. Basketball season is in full swing as well, as our university’s practices have started to prepare for the upcoming matches against many other fellow Victory Scholars.

The culmination of coaching Neptune’s U18B team, playing in the Superleague, and attending CIT has been a challenging yet rewarding experience so far. Every week is filled with new obstacles that can be daunting at first but fulfilling if managed properly. While my time at Hamilton was certainly busy, Ireland has demanded more out of me. Relying on public transportation for practice and coaching has been one such aggravating adjustment. The 220 bus in Cork is infamous for running 30-45 minutes late despite it being scheduled to stop every 15 minutes. Another adjustment that has been challenging is working alongside international students to write group assignments. While we all have great ideas, it has been somewhat difficult to mesh our ideas together and make them cohesive. We all come from different countries with learning styles, so being able to operate as a team is of the utmost importance. I am grateful that sport has given me many previous experiences in a team setting where I have learned how to successfully work alongside others.

Despite many of the challenges I have endured over the past couple of months, it is all part of an unbelievable experience. These obstacles are helping me grow as an individual and are going to be invaluable going forward. I have learned that changing my vocabulary from “I have to do X,” to “I have the opportunity to do X,” makes all the difference when life gets busy. Opportunities should never be taken for granted, and this is a reminder to myself to continue accepting challenges with poise.

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