Posted By: KaitlynSlagus
Posted On: October 5th, 2019
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

Last week my grandma and mom made the trip across the pond to hang out with me for a few days. Although I still feel like I just got here and I do not realize how long I have actually been here already, it was nice to have them come over and to show them around my little town. While they were here we were able to do a lot of cool things because they had a car. Yes, the driving was super scary at times but we managed to survive! After my classes on Friday we drove over to the Cliffs of Moher. Although I had already been there two years ago with my family, the cliffs are still such a cool thing to see and the view could never get old.

The next day we went into Dublin and toured around the city. That was actually my first time walking around Dublin since I have been here and the day trip has made me so excited to go back. Before they left we also made the trip down to the Waterford Crystal Factory and it was super cool to see the process and how much time and precision it took to make all the crystal pieces.

After they flew back on Wednesday morning, Dj and I began our first day with the Honor Roll program at a school right down the road. That day we got to meet the kids we will be working with over the next nine weeks. I think it is safe to say we are going to have a lot of fun working with them. When I talk to anyone about how sports have helped shape my life, I always think about all the opportunities that sport has given me and how grateful I am for that. Sport and the people I have met along the way have helped shape me into who I am today. In these next nine weeks I am so excited to show the kids how sports can help shape their lives and give them so many opportunities which may not seem realistic to them right now.

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