#8: Family Over Everything!!!!!

Posted By: AlexandraPosset
Posted On: November 8th, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

My grandparents had the opportunity to come visit me and I couldn’t have been happier. When they arrived my heart lit up, I was truly filled with happiness. Although they didn’t have the smoothest trip getting over here, they definitely enjoyed their time here.

Nun and pap mean so much to me and have impacted my life in ways they don’t even know. For them to come visit me all the way over here meant the world. I was getting a little home sick so it was perfect timing.

Nun and pap are HUGE basketball fans!! They support me and my sister who plays at Robert Morris University no matter what. They cheer for us and want us to be the best we can on the court. With that being said, pap DOES NOT like when we miss our free throws! For them to be able to watch me play two games meant the world to them. On top of that, we won both games!


Nun and pap saw most of Belfast and everything it had to offer! Nun loved the Titanic Museum!! They also got on one of the tourist buses one day!

Nun and pap also saw different parts of Ireland as well. We went to Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford and they went up to Portrush as well. The Dublin, Kilkenny and Waterford trip was nice because they got see Maria Palarino who is another victory scholar. Maria and I have been friends since about 8th grade, so nun and pap love to see Maria when they can! Maria is based in Waterford but played in Dublin that weekend so we were able to catch her game. Which meant more basketball for nun and pap!!

We had the opportunity to explore Waterford a little while we were visiting Maria. We visited the Waterford Crystal Factory and the Waterford Viking Triangle! We took a lot of cool pictures, and I know when nun and pap read this they are not going to be happy when they see two pictures I put on here, but they are so cute, so it is what it is!!

Look how cute my little Waterford Vikings are!!! (sorry nun and pap!! LOVE YOU GUYS)


We loved our time in Kilkenny and Dublin as well. In Kilkenny we ate at Matt the Millers and it was absolutely phenomenal. Nun and pap loved Dublin as well. There is so much history in so many places and nun and pap loved the details on the historic building.

Nun wanted to see the castles in Ireland as well. We went to the Carrickfergus, Belfast, and Hillsborough Castles and nun enjoyed all of them! Pap and I enjoyed the castles as well but we were making a lot of jokes throughout the tours because neither one of us could stay focused for that long. Pap and I were more focused on the food we were going to eat later in the day! Mentioning food, pap absolutely loved mauds! For those who don’t know, mauds is ice cream and it is absolutely amazing!!! Back to the pictures now,


Overall this trip was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have been happier that my wonderful grandparents came to visit. Traveling and driving on the other side of the road was quite interesting for all of us but we survived and had a blast!

(I enjoyed most of my time with you guys (inside joke)) But in all seriousness them coming made my heart full of love and happiness. To my rocks, love you guys and see you in June! <3

~Be a pineapple; stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!~

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