Episode 5- Fun With Lasers

Posted By: KadeemSmithen
Posted On: November 21st, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

When it comes to Ehoops this activity was by far the most competitive and entertain one we have had to date. Some of the Sports Changes Life staff, us victory scholars and the Carnmoney Girls Soccer team took a trip to go and play laser tag. Now on first arrival i thought that we would just be playing laser tag the whole time and be done. However, there was more to this trip. In fact, we actually played numerous other games before we ended up actually competing against each other in laser tag. 


So we got split up into two teams and had an obstacle course, real live foosball and then another team building game to help us get accustomed to team building before we ended up going into battle on the laser tag course. To be honest the best part before the laser tag was definitely the obstacle course because I’ve seen it done before on TV and it was cool to actually have a chance to go through one in real life. On top of that going against the girls and other scholars made it really competitive which made it a lot of fun.


Now the main event was the laser tag and im going to tell you guys off the bat that my team did not have a successful day to start with. However, to our defense out laser guns were not working for the first couple games which obviously put us at a disadvantage to start with. But even when we got them to start working we were still getting smoked which was pretty sad. 


The good thing is the whole time at the Laser Park was fun and we were able to get even closer and know the girls soccer team alot more which was one of the coolest parts about it. 


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